So It Goes....
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i just burnt my tongue on my food and it made me realise that sometimes the ones you love hurt you the most

The Fairy Book, 1863
Illustrations by Warwick Goble


Josephine Baker

Look at how effing beautiful she is!!
Click for a closer look at those earrings

(Source: Schubertiade Music)


when i find myself in times of trouble

the 12th doctor comes to me

speaking words of wisdom



the les mis fandom actually terrifies me because its been around for like 300 years in some form and every so often a movie happens and it rises like a sea serpent from the ocean, swallows two of my dearest friends and retreats beneath the waves for another few centuries


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I am alone.

The world which shook at my feed, and the trees, and the sky have gone. And I am alone now.


The wind bites now, and the world is grey, and I am alone. Can’t see me. Doesn’t see me.


See me.


Voltaire and Rousseau 
12-14 Otago Ln, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G12 8PB, United Kingdom



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this really cheered me up